Sacrament of Reconciliation

Forgiving Love

When people met Jesus it often changed their lives.  His loving, forgiving presence was such that they suddenly saw their weaknesses and faults and wanted to start over again.  They realized that Jesus was able to give them a new start in life they longed for.  We read about a man like this in the Bible in Luke 19; he is called Zaccheus.  You can read the story if you click here.

Today we still sometimes feel like Zaccheus did.  If only we could meet Jesus and open our hearts to him and make a new start.  Jesus passed on the ministry of reconciliation to his church through the disciples.  It is sometimes called ‘going to confession’, though the official name is ‘The Sacrament of Reconciliation’.

Fr Nicholas is happy to see anyone who would like this ministry.  If you would like more information there is a leaflet, ‘Forgiving Love’ at the back of the church.  

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