Residential and Nursing Homes

Holy Communion

Ministers from St Peter's conduct a short service of Holy Communion in the various assisted living schemes and nursing homes around Brackley.  There is a list below with current times and places.  


Brackley Fields (Contact 01280 704575): 

         First Thursday of the month at 11.00am, for Holy Communion.         

Bridgewater House (Contact 01280 703767) :

              First Tuesday of each month at 10.30am

Candleford Court (Contact

             First Tuesday of the month at 11.10am

Diana House (Contact 01280 700903):

         Third Wednesday of the month at 11.00am.

Godwin Court (Contact 01280 702627) :

             Second Tuesday of the month at 9.40am

Jarvis Court (Contact 01280 841496)

Juniper House (Contact 01280 845570):

         First Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm

Pegasus Court & Manor (Contact 01280 706124):

         First Tuesday of the month at 11.40am

St Rumbold’s Court (Contact 01280 705875):

         Fourth Thursday of the month at 11.15am.


Family and friends of residents are welcome to attend any of these services.  

For more information contact Connie Coleman


Churches in Brackley – “Songs of Praise”

People from various Brackley churches visit Bridgewater House, Godwin Court and Juniper House three times a year (usually at 3.0pm on a Friday) for hymn singing and, at Christmas time, for carol singing which takes place at Brackley Fields and Brackley Lodge as well. Family and friends of residents are most welcome to come and join in.


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