From the Vicar

Life, Love and Hope

Welcome to the place in Brackley where people have gathered for centuries to celebrate


LIFE?  Christians believe that life is no accident; we are here for a purpose. The universe was brought into being by God - and we matter to God.


LOVE?  Christians believe that God loves all that he has made.

He wants us to know his love and to respond to it by living our lives well.  We believe God loved this world so much that he came in the person of Jesus Christ - to show us how to live and to reveal what true love is really all about.  We have a record of his life in the New Testament part of the Bible. There, we read  that Jesus brought comfort to the distressed, gave divineforgiveness to people who were burdened by guilt and healed people who were sick in body and mind and spirit. Powerful religious people who felt threatened by the authority of Jesus’ love plotted to do away with him.


In the window at the far end of St.Peter’s church you will see an image of Jesus on the cross. Christians believe that what we are seeing in this image is God, in the person of Jesus, embracing the world in an act of total self-giving love.  God was, in Jesus, taking on himself the burden of human selfishness and folly – yours and mine, indeed, in the language of the Bible: ‘the sin of the whole world’.


HOPE?  God's loving purpose for us was not defeated when Jesus died on the cross.  Two days later he appeared, risen from death.  Jesus appeared to many people on a number of occasions before he finally returned to that spiritual ‘place’ with God we call ‘heaven’.  St. Peter, (after whom the parish church is named) was a follower of Jesus.  Peter denied he even knew him on the night that the authorities arrested Jesus.  But when Jesus appeared to Peter again, after he had risen from death, he gave Peter the opportunity of re-affirming his love.  Peter then experienced Jesus’ power of forgiveness as he entrusted him with leadership of the early Church. 

Jesus came to offer hope to the world.
Jesus is God's way of showing us that there is more to life than this life.
Jesus is God's way for enabling us to know forgiveness and the opportunity for making a fresh start - no matter in what ways we may have failed




Shortly after their last sight of the risen Jesus, his followers were meeting together in a room in Jerusalem when suddenly they experienced the spiritual life they had encountered in Jesus (The Holy Spirit) flowing into their own lives - to enable them to carry on the mission of sharing God's love with the world.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit they passed on the good news (‘Gospel’) of God to others.  That message has come down through the centuries. The congregation that worships regularly at St.Peter’s is part of that community of faith known as the Church.  The ‘Church’ is the people, the church is the building they meet in for worship.



If you would like to explore the Christian faith further (- perhaps by joining a discussion group)

or if you would like to talk in confidence about issues of life, love and hope in your life, please 

feel free to contact one of the clergy.


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