Confirmation and Explorers classes


For those who were baptised as babies there often comes a time when they want to make a public act of Christian commitment.  At Confirmation the Bishop lays hands on the person being confirmed and prays for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  He also anoints them with oil as a sign of this new stage in their journey of faith.  Usually there is a series of classes to prepare people for their confirmation and to provide an opportunity for them to explore and go deeper into the meaning and practice of being a Christian.



Painting donate in Janury 2000

    by the artist Robert L Pell 

For those who would like to be confirmed who have not been previously baptised, baptism and confirmation can happen at the same service.  

If you are interested in being confirmed, please contact the vicar, Fr. Nicholas

Explorers Classes

From time to time the Vicar convenes groups of people who are interested in finding out about the Christian Faith.  He and the other clergy are also happy to meet with individuals to talk about their journey of faith.









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